Know Your Clubs Distance


3 Methods of Golf Club Distance Accuracy

Record your club distances with our accuracy card. It has a durable holder and lanyard X-2 distance cards that attach to a golf bag as a REFERENCE GUIDE FOR CLUB DISTANCE or FRACTIONAL DISTANCE

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Accuracy Card X2 and Holder with Lanyard
Accuracy Card X2 and Holder with Lanyard. Free USA shipping, Tax included in the price.


Card Holder Displayed on Bag















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The Sticker Accuracy Method with 2 distance cards

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Imagine having removable mini stickers to help fine-tune your distance and fractional distance, Include distance info you DEEM CRITICAL ON THE INCLUDED x 2 ACCURACY CARDS or the actual golf club. Distance is known for each club, players guide of Club Carry distance, Roll, and fractional distances. Easily replaced to update your distance card. PLAY THE VIDEO BELOW FOR A GUIDE