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Members can edit every column. Know your basic distances and fractional distances for each club. Start your membership by picking one of the 8 pages and entering your guestimate, then on the range start adjusting- Distance, Ball positioning is critical for each club by being off just 1″ inch, you can be much as 10 yards left or right of the target. As you progress you may want to add other notes. Below are the member-edited columns each can be edited for Club Gapping, Pin Mapping, or Course Mapping along with many other member edits.

The Golfers worksheet basics
The Golfer’s basic worksheet distance, Full shot, 3/4 and 1/2

Gapping You Golf Clubs

Gapping your clubs is an important aspect of your golf game. It refers to the distance between each club in your bag and ensuring no significant gaps in yardage between them. To properly gap your clubs, you should first determine your average distance for each club. This can be done by hitting a series of shots with each club and taking note of the average distance. Once you have your average distances, you can then adjust your club selection to ensure that there are no significant gaps in yardage between clubs. For example, if you find that there is a large gap between your 7-iron and 8-iron, you may want to consider adding a club that fills that gap, such as a 7-wood or hybrid. It’s important to note that gapping your clubs can be a complex process and it’s best to seek the advice of a golf teaching professional. They can help you determine the best club selection for your game and ensure that your clubs are properly gapped.

Gapping your clubs
Gapping your clubs for various shots and conditions

Mapping your Home course

Sounds simple, but is completely effective. (This may also be known as hitting toward your favorite club). The following are member edits for, 9 holes par 36. After eliminating 18 shots for 2 putts, this leaves us 18 more shots to scratch golf.

The analysis below shows 18 shots remaining, 2 are with Driver, leaving 16 more shots, 7 of those will be 3Wood or 3 or 4 Hybrid, which leaves us 9 shots that are Sand Wedge, Pitching wedge, 8 iron, or 7 iron.

Mapping your Home Course

Helpful Videos to Know Your Distance Accuracy.

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